Monday, April 12, 2010

Dili and the Peace Corp... its been a long week

Chris has been running like crazy this week. Peace Corp came to Dili last week and Chris has been almost 100% responsible for their visit. This is HUGE as it is one of the Ambassadors number one priorities, to get them to come back to Dili. When Chris told me he was in charge of their visit I thought "um, you are AWESOME and everything but you've only worked here two months!" He has done a great job though and we are thinking it is almost a done deal (knock on wood). This has meant lots of visits out to the district (the out lying villages) and late hours, hence a very long week. We had to find lots of things to do to make time go by fast! We started out early one morning by making pink pancakes... I mean PINK pancakes.
Sam and Liam were giggling uncontrollably when I brought them their pink, sprinkle covered pancakes. Then they requested their spaceships (car seats) be brought in the house so they could go into orbit. They put on their space helmets (beach hats) and blasted off.
We had some grumpy moments. Sam came and told us "Liam is sooooo grumpy". Liam then rounded the corner with this face and announced "I'm Gwumpy!"
We call it his duck lips and he does them anytime he is pouting, or apparently grumpy. We had some silliness and lots of requests for pictures to be taken during silliness.
We had fun at bedtime
We have let the boys stay up after the bedtime routine reading books lately and have been melting at how cute they are at this time of night. They will pull a book onto the rug and lay on their tummies, legs, propped up head on chins and just talk and talk about the pictures. One night they dragged the entire drawer of books into the closet to read... because apparently books are cooler when read in the closet. By the weekend though I was getting worn out. Chris had to head out again on Saturday and I was DREADING another long day, this time with no school and no Che Che. Thank heavens Meredith called and invited us over to play and make pizza. She made up an awesome game of "find the stuffed animal" and then went around the house hiding Amanda's MANY stuffed animals. The cuties got baskets and went wild.
Amanda was great at it! Liam not so much :)
I love going to fellow Expats homes and seeing all the super cool items they have collected in their travels. One of my very favorites HAS to be Meredith's literal cork board.
They went around to restaurants in Brussels and collected the Corks and then Meredith's Dad (a Texan who is now a prize winning sheep farmer in England) built the frame.
I just think that is soooo cool. All the more reason to want to go to Brussels next! We also got to play at our DCM's home again and had a blast with their tree house! I am always a little nervous about them going up and down the stairs but Liam is pretty good about waiting at the top for me to help him
and Sam is very careful and slow going down
and well, when you are as light as this little fair climbing up is no problem.
Thankfully Sunday was nice and slow and relaxed and filled with Daddy time and Skyping with family. We are so excited for Peace Corp to come back to Dili... and equally as excited for things to slow down a little bit :)


HG said...

Your boys look like twins! I can't tell which on is which!

The Gardener said...

How'd you get them so pink?

Leah Miller said...

Those pancakes are soo PINK!!! What did you put in theM?