Thursday, July 15, 2010

Down Under

This Wednesday I was in charge of Camp Crocodili. I was asked to do Music and Movement in the morning (thank you thank you thank you Cady, once again your CD saved me) and Photography in the afternoon with the older kids. We had a blast jump around and making our own shakers for music time. The minute Jodi asked me I had the perfect idea for photography for both the older and younger kids. Our friend Brian is an underwater photographer. He is creating a book about all the fish species here in Dili. He had never shot in a pool before and I thought "how cool would the kids think it is to have pictures of themselves underwater?" He was kind enough to oblige and even let the kids take a turn with the camera! Liam and Sam of course were cold (my boys are ALWAYS cold, what are they going to do if we live in Switzerland next?) But we got a few good shoots with them.
Sammy enjoyed it a little more and even tried to smile
He was on cloud nine getting a picture with his little crush Carmen
He was driving in the car with me today and out of the blue said "Mom Carmen loves me huh?" When I said "she sure does" he just smiled. Since I was the only Adult in the pool aside from Brian I got to take pictures with the other little cuties. I love how this one with Amanda turned out
It was so fun doing it with another person who enjoyed taking pictures as much as me. We tried all sorts of crazy things. We just couldn't get a cool picture of diving with out all the bubbles, the pool just wasn't deep enough.
I had fun taking some pics, although to be honest it was WAY harder then I thought it would be. Half the time I didn't even know if I was taking a picture of what I wanted it to be of.
The kids were great with their poses though.
The kiddos loved it though and I can't wait to show them at camp tomorrow how they turned out! After the pool I had them running around the embassy with their cameras on a photographic scavenger hunt. I asked them to try and take pictures from new angles etc. and they did such a fabulous job, I think we definitely have some photographers in the making!


Daniela Swider said...

Love the idea and what awesome activities for the kids!

Elizabeth Moon said...

Those are really cool!

The Gardener said...

How do you smile underwater and not drown? :-)

Jan said...

So who else would think of doing underwater pictures of kids- Amazing Kelly!1 They turned out well.