Thursday, July 22, 2010

Science Day, Safety Day, Space day oh my!

Jodi has been running a fantastic camp for the few kids that have been here over the summer. I don't know what I would have done without it. The boys would have killed each other for sure. This past week we had Science day. The kids all got super cool safety goggles which they wore diligently
Okay so some better then others :) They did tons of fun little experiments and then to top it all off nothing beats a baking soda volcano. Sam was so excited when it erupted it was hilarious.
Carmen who is such a little smarty was asking all sorts of good questions about why it exploded etc.
Liam sort of looked confused
But gave me a big smile when I asked him if he liked it
(They love their shirts by the way mom, thank you!) What is great is since it is at the Embassy all the Daddy's can come and watch the experiments or demonstrations and then we all eat lunch together. Is it sad that the past few weeks I have been ordering off the kiddy menu? Abby liked being held by her daddy.
They also did this cool experiment using hot and cold water, empty bottles and balloons.
liamballoonThe kids were totally fascinated.
Wednesday was safety day. They learned how to do some first aid and made little kits to wear around their necks when hiking etc. They also learned a lot about fire. The practiced climbing up and down a ladder safely
Um that doesn't look to safe on Sammy's part. Abby liked roaming around the tennis court with no obstacles in here way
They also learned to stop drop and roll, which Liam was awesome at. He would just FLING his body onto the ground and roll.
Abby thought this was hilarious. She really cracks up whenever Liam "performs" for her.
Then the piece de resistance putting out an actual fire with a fire extinguisher! They combined water and petrol in a bucket and then lit it on fire with a long pole. (The guy then proceeded to put the fire out by rubbing it in the grass... um grass fire ring a bell to anyone in Timor? No, one huh.)
The kids were then shown how to charge and hold the extinguisher.
Each one got a turn to put the fire out. The safety goggles came in handy again.
The parents got to take a turn also. It was nice knowing how to do it. maybe now I won't be afraid to make doughnuts ha! We also took the kids out for dinner for the first time in as long as I can remember. We headed to Dili Beach hotel to have pizza with the Hiemstras. The kids chowed on french fries and then vegged on the couch.
The people that run it were kind enough to turn one of the TV's from soccer to playhouse disney leaving us to have a nice quiet dinner with only Abby and Adrienne at the table. My girlfriends in Dili ordered me that Fedora for my birthday. I had mentioned it once to Meredith (Saying I would never spend that much on a hat even if it was that awesome) and she totally remembered. I am trying to pretend to have enough confidence to sport it ha! Anyway, today was Space day and they have making rockets and milk planets on the docket. Thank heavens for camp!


Elizabeth Moon said...

the hat looks fab!

Leonora Ballantyne said...

LOVE the hat!! and i know you're not supposed to have one, but your tan is just lovely. also: love the cinderella reference in the fire post. totally busted up laughing, esp. since samuel and i just watched that and he thought that scene was SO funny.