Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Let them eat cake... really big cake

On the fourth we met all the other American Embassy families at the pool to BBQ, Bounce House and eat the HUGE left over sheet cake from the official embassy function. The boys sported the shirts I made for them since they had no Americana outfits (sad commentary on us) What is so funny is I thought I was all original and then saw almost these identical shirts on another craft blog... great minds think alike maybe?
Funny story about Sam's. I only had a girls 4T shirt and thought there is no way anyone would notice. So I sewed it all up and put it on him. Chris and I about died laughing. So I unpicked the ruffled sleeves and thought well it can be a muscle shirt. Sam would have no part in that though and decided he would rather wear two shirts then a tank top. Wooo hoo! I am not a fan of tank tops on boys. ANYHOO, the boys loved eating the huge flag cake, the only thing missing from the great party, napkins
But who really minds?