Sunday, July 11, 2010

Feeling Sick, but looking good!

This past week the kiddos have all had throwing up/ fever bugs. Yuk. Liam actually threw up pomegranate juice, it has now been ruined for me for life... okay way to much information. On Friday we literally did not move from the couch. I would carry the boys to the restroom and bring them sippy cups of water (we learned early with the juice ha!) Liam felt better in time to make it to his friend Tivans birthday party and it was HILARIOUS! HIs mom Jean made this awesome paper mache fish that two kids could get into and run around trying to catch the other "fish". If you got caught it was your turn to be in the fish. They had a fish shaped cake, played in the pool and got wonderful goodie bags. The next day Sam felt well enough to go to his friend Isaiah's birthday party which was Dinosaur themed. They made clay dinos and painted them, got tattoos and beat a pinata to death. I have be informed by countless people that before Sam's pirate party birthday parties on Timor were much more relaxed but I stepped it up a notch. Which now makes me start thinking what in the world we will do for Liam's ha! We had seriously planned on just doing a cake, ice cream, bounce house but will that let everyone down? Shouldn't have set the expectations so high. (secretly I am LOVING that now we have to have cool parties wooo hooo!) Having so much down time gave me plenty of time to relax and sew a little. I made Sam a new tie
and Liam a new bow tie
You know so that when the mission president comes we will all look straight laced and reverent on our front couch for church :)
I also worked on Abby's birthday dress. I love how it turned out but now I definitely have to make a bib because if she smears cake all over it I WILL cry.
At least we won't loose her in a crowd with those electric yellow leggings ha! She has taken lots of steps lately but spends the majority of her day crawling over, pulling herself up on my leg and giving me this look until I pick her up:
She is still loving crawling though and has pretty banged up knees and the tops of her feet are always dirty
Chris and I took the kiddos to get some pics to this amazing pretty much destroyed church where I had done a photoshoot a few weeks prior. Great for adults, not great for kids. Huge stairs with no railing, second story with a floor but no walls. We told Sam and Liam it was an old castle and Sam made up this whole story about a king and dragon and princess, it was fabulous.
It has been CRAZY weather here in Timor lately. I am talkin monsoon rain. A few people were actually killed this weekend because they were in the river and washed away. Lots of our friends who live in more locally made houses have had lots of flooding. A friend of mine who has been living here for ten years says she has never seen anything like it. This is supposed to be the dry season and apparently even during the rainy season it doesn't rain this bad. It has really kept the temps down though which has been so nice for playing outside! The boys have been attending Camp Crocadili MWF mornings which has been soooo fun. Our Community Liason Officer has organized it and so far they have had Dino Day, Sports day and Water day. They come home exhausted every afternoon (Sam has even gone back to taking naps yesssssss!) On the first day Liam was awarded Camper of the day.
As you can tell he was deeply moved and honored by the award ha! He was pretty pysched about his tattoos and made sure his shirt was up the rest of the day, and wouldn't wear a pJ shirt to bed because he couldn't see them.
All these parties combined with camp has made the last few weeks FLY by. Which I am so thankful for because we still have four weeks until lots of our friends come back.


Z. Marie said...

You probably know this, but you can get Pedialyte in individual-serving powder packs. (You mix it with water, kind of like those little Kool-Aid and other drink mixes.) If you don't have some on hand, it's probably a good idea to get some in case such illnesses ever bring on dehydration.

Jan said...

Kelly, You are amazing with all your sewing projects. And what fantastic models!!! I'm glad everyone is feeling better. Liam looks goofy in his big tie but amazingly he can carry it off. How cute he is looking at his tattoos. That Abby is stunning. And Sam looks like he could model anything these days- from sunglasses to cool ties- what a guy.