Saturday, July 17, 2010

Noah turns Five

Sammy's little buddy Noah turned five this past week and we had a great time helping him celebrate. His mommy Krista makes the coolest cakes in Timor and this one was no exception
There were lots of games, including Pass the parcel.
Which is usually accompanied by music on a CD but we had our very own live entertainment!
Since he was from New Zealand we kept teasing him about being Bret from Flight of the Conchords (If you have not seen this show you HAVE to watch it, it is soooo funny). Under each layer there was a buggy for the kids to keep. Liam was excited for his grasshopper
This is Oscar (his dad was playing the guitar) I am fairly certain he is the only red head on the entire island of Timor.
The kids all took lots of turns beating the pinata Krista made but in the end Steve had to beat it down
Noah thought the broken pinata made a great hat
Steve spent the night using our water balloon maker to make over 100 water balloons for the fights and Krista spent the night making her traditional stripy jelly.
It is so yummy but I would never have the patience to do it. The kids got to swim in their awesome pool, Abby kept track of the goggles.
Noah waited patiently and then blew out all the candles with no help... ok so there were only 5 but still.
Then Oscars mom and I painted all the kids faces with this stellar face paint she brought back from Australia. The kids had so much fun and came home and crashed. Thanks for letting us celebrate with you Noah you are a great little guy and we are so glad to have you as a friend!


The Grady's said...

My mom makes "rainbow" jello too and it takes like 2 days to make it all! I don't have the patience either! By the way - I had a dream about you last night! I dreamt that you were in the states and we met up and hung out late into the night and Sam and Liam remembered me and called me Seslie just like old times :) I can't wait until you guys come and see us next year! We need to plan a skype date or something! We miss you!

jan said...

Wonderful photos, thanks Kelly for the update. Looked like a fun party! I am emailing from the office because we don't have our computer set up yet. We won't get into our apartment until the 31st.