Thursday, July 22, 2010

So nuts

It has been INSANE around here. I think Che Che thinks I am nuts, literally. I run around like a crazed person all day. In out in out in out. Our guard must think I am crazy too. Although funny story, I was of course speeding out of our drive way and pull up to the gate... honk... nothing... honk honk... nothing. I look in the guard house and no one is there. Che Che looks in our yard and no sign of him. I get out to open the gate and hear frantic banging and yelling. He was totally locked in the tiny bathroom they have. I felt so bad because I couldn't understand him at all. We got the gardner to come over and we tried a zillion keys. I called Jan who is in charge of all the guards and he sent someone over. I really had to go so I left but when I came back Che Che let me know in the end they had to bust the door down. I just wonder how long the poor guy had been stuck in there with zero air circulation etc. In better news the boys have been having the BEST time ever at camp and I have sooo many awesome pictures. I have been doing a hefty amount of photography but the internet hates me and won't let me upload pictures. The only one I have is from a photo shoot today with this gorgeous girl
She is wearing a dress I made, my birthday present hat and Felicity do you recognize your shoes? She has been staying in Timor for the summer and is a budding photographer and has come on a bunch of shoots with me. She leaves wednesday though and we thought it was high time she got her own shoot. Ahhh to be 16 and look fabulous again, actually I REALLY like the point I am at in my life, I really just want my 16 year old body back ha! Okay so tomorrow fingers crossed I will get some photos up. Otherwise I have to wait until Chris gets back with the laptop and head to my fav cafe... "both good options" (Chris that is for you!)


Cherylyn said...

Okay, hilarious AND sad about the guard! I think our maid thinks I am crazy too, or at least that I am mean to my 4 mo old because I let her cry for more than 10 seconds.

We had a GREAT time with Chris tonight! I missed you so much...I kept asking Chris all the 'mom'-type questions about you and the kiddos. He says you might come here soon, and you can totally stay with us!!! Chris bought some things at Zara while we were out and he and Tanner went to a movie and I came home with the babe. Everything was great until we realized we forgot our phones in the car and we had no way of getting a hold of our driver. AWESOME! I took a cab home and they continued their fun night...then I called our driver to tell him to come home. Good times.

p.s. Couldn't find a number 1 cookie cutter, I looked so many places and I HATE failing at finding stuff. GRRRR...although I do think the commissary has your cream cheese frosting! Anyway, hopefully we will talk/SEE you soon!!!

p.s.s LOVE the photos and the sewing projects!!!

Leonora Ballantyne said...

again, about died laughing at that story w/the guard. awesome. and that girl is just gorgeous--that picture looks like it belongs on the cover of anthro, kell. WELL DONE. your pics are so stunning. xoxo.