Saturday, July 24, 2010

First Lady Cup 5K

This morning the kiddos and I participated in the fundraiser 5K that the first lady of Timor sponsors every year. Since Chris is gone it was just going to be me and the 3 kiddos. The night before I had everything prepared, snacks, books, water, more snacks, money just in case. The boys had their outfits laid out and wanted their shoes to be on their bed side table all ready for the big race. Of course this morning was the first time in history that Sam woke up at 6am and Liam slept in. I had to wake him up after I got everyone else in the car.
Us at the starting line
When I was up with Sam earlier it had rained and I thought aw man I am not doing this in the rain, but luckily it stopped and was just insanely humid :) The other great part was walking with jan and Meredith. Everything is more fun with company and it was nice to have the support just in case anything happened. The boys shared their books with Amanda and Amanda shared her sippi cup with Abby so everyone was happy. The boys had their feeties up, rubbing in that they could relax while I hauled them!
Sam kept saying "hurry mom or we won't get a trophy". This got everyone around us laughing pretty hard. It was so inspiring to see those with disabilities running. There were a handful of people in the Timorese wheelchairs
(they crank the pedal in front with their hands to turn the wheels)
This little guy was marching a long grinning and totally stopped and let me take a picture.
Our friends the Harries ran up behind us and surprised us. Noah and Roman had ridden the entire 10K on their bikes. Sam was sooo jealous, we really need to get him a proper bike.
At the finish line they were handing out water and soda and what looked like orange juice. A guy handed the boys a juice each and I thought nothing of it until my friend let me know it was an energy drink, aw crud. They totally didn't take a nap today, either of them, and mommy was soooo tired. All three of them were way better then I expected, even though Sam was really bummed we didn't get a trophy.
First Lady Gusmao chatted with me for a few minutes. I asked to take a picture with her and she obliged and then proceeded to ask me questions. She totally remembered me from taking pictures of her at other events. Wow, that is a good politician. She also has three children so we talked about that. I wish I was a better screen writer because I would TOTALLY write a movie script about her and Xanana (her husband's (pronounced shanana) courtship and marriage it is INCREDIBLE.
Chris jokes that I always agree to do things and then drag my feet right before doing them and then am sooo glad I did after. While this is usually true I enjoyed this one start to finish.


Leah Miller said...

I can't even run around the block pushing one child...I'm impressed.