Friday, July 30, 2010

It's Hard to Say Goodbye

Last night we had a little goodbye party for our wonderful friend Brent. He is the only other member on the island that we know of and has been fabulous to have in our home and hold church with. He is so good with the boys and always brought such a happy spirit in our home. We are so sad that he is leaving, mixed with happiness for him to be back with his mom in Australia, and hopeful that he will be getting his MBA next fall at BYU so we can see him at Christmas. We had so hoped to see more expansion of the church here in TImor wile he was here, but these things take time. We are just so grateful that we were able to meet him and become such good friends. SIngle girls in UT this guy is awesome and will need someone to show him around eh eh.
I also made Abby a doll this week as her birthday present. I think she really likes it :) Or at least I will shove it in bed with her every night until she does ha!
We are excited to celebrate a little bit tomorrow, the big celebration with have to wait until we get back from Jakarta (heading up to get a root canal and Abby to get her 1 year old immunizations). Doesn't that sound like a great trip? Luckily seeing Tanner and Cherylyn will totally make it worth i!


Cherylyn said...

Totally!!! So excited to see you!! We will take good care of you! Check your email if you haven't already.

Anonymous said...

She is sooooo big here!! Ally and I LOVE the doll.

Robyn Reynolds said...

Happy Birthday Abby!!! I sure miss you!