Monday, July 5, 2010

New Tutorial Blog

I was so excited to receive a note from Kari at U Create that she was featuring my Tuxedo Dress tutorial on her site. Chris and I were wondering why in the world we suddenly had quadruple the number of hits on our blog, and that would be why. Wow, I was floored. So, I have ALOT more sewing tutorials ready to pump out but I was thinking that I like having this blog be my blog for Granny, Grandma, Aunties, sister's, friend's who ever really, but keep it about the family activities. I decided to start another blog for anyone who is interested in more tutorials. I call it my global experiment in sewing and we will see how long it lasts :) I call it Sewing In No Mans Land and the address is: if you want to see how to make this cute little top and lots of others to come then please check it out ;)
I would love for it to work out but am not holding my breathe ha!
So, back to the family news. I am totally bummed because Flikr uploaded all the wrong pictures (okay, so who's fault is that really, yeah that would be me) So I don't have our hilarious fourth of july picks yet. This morning we met a bunch of our buddies at Christo Rey and let the kiddos go crazy with their bikes, kites, soccer balls etc. Abby practiced her standing:
We wished Mace a happy second birthday (and later enjoyed cake and a great party with him)
I once again continued my crusade to make all the kids love me by bringing enough fruit snacks to put them all on permanent sugar highs Bwah ha ha I think my plan is working!
While Sam spent the morning riding Isaiah's two wheeler (with training wheels), Liam spent the morning following around the Harries dog Lukie.
If we lived by them I think Liam and his cousin Morgan would be best friends. Both of them LOVE pretending to be animals, doggies in particular. It is so funny because here in Timor the VAST majority of dogs are WILD so our boys get very little interaction with them. Sam is 100% terrified of them. They other day Sam saw a huge cock fighting rooster (which even Chris was a little afraid of) and Sam had zero issues but a second later a tiny cute little puppy came bounding toward him and you would think it was a monster the way he started crying, screaming and running. Poor guy. Seeing Liam got me thinking about how much Liam would love a dog, how we have a HUGE yard, a gardner (paid for by the Embassy NOT us, just want to make that clarification) to pick up the yucky stuff and lots of great places to take it for walks... I dunno Chris and I both swore up and down we would never ever ever have a dog, but hmmmmm maybe, just maybe.


HG said...

I was floored when I went on UCREATE (one of my favorite websites), and saw that you were on it! I felt like I knew someone famous! Good Work!