Saturday, June 21, 2008

Air show!

(This ones for you dad!) When some Dads have "mid Life Crisis'" they buy expensive cars or dye their hair-- my Dad went all out and bought a plane! He served in the Airforce when he was younger and always loved to fly. From a young age he instilled in us kids a love of airplanes... well maybe not in Felicity, she REALLY hates to fly, I think his bulldog Wally was the biggest fan of flying and was always game to go up with him! In honor of that and of course to have a little fun, we took the boys to the air show at Langley Airforce Base (Chris is working with the Jag there this summer) It was AWESOME! Of course hot and loud but what can you do, that comes with the territory. I apparently was the only one who had been to one before (thanks Dad!) Our friends the Thornocks joined us so it was extra fun! Kendra is six months preggo and was a great sport hiking to and from the car. Sam really enjoyed seeing the planes so close but by the end if I told him to look at the airplane he would just say "Its flying away". So we knew he was ready to go. Liam was entertained all day by pulling off his hat and out his ear plugs (in the picture below I think he looks like Frankenstein)... and of course snacking-- this boy can eat! There were to many cool pictures so I threw together the slideshow below! This is one of the several videos we caught

I am always so amazed by how close they get to each other! It also makes my stomach churn to watch them fly so high then stall and fall towards the earth! I think Christophers favorite part was the stealth bomber! There was a problem getting the Blue Angels so instead they had the Royal Air Forces Red Arrows! As a fan of the color Red I thought they looked pretty awesome!


LondonCalling said...

I LOVE when Air Force plays BYU in Provo simply for the flyovers. Last year they use some transport plane that chugged by at two miles an hour- talk about a let down!

Tillmann Fam said...

Okay, so I know I've said this many times before, but you guys have so much fun stuff to do around there! Who needs Virginia Beach when we've got Lake Erie, Apparently it's okay to swim in now since the e coli is down...yeah, I don't think so! Anyways, looks like you guys had a blast! As always, we love seeing the pics of your cute boys!