Sunday, June 15, 2008

Good Morning Son

Christopher and I love Ben Folds. We think his music is fabulous. We danced to his Song the Luckiest at our wedding! Christoper's other personal favorite is Good Morning Son. Years ago we watched the video and day dreamed about when we would have a son, and we have already been blessed with two! So in honor of the wonderful Father my husband is, I put together this video for him to watch the morning of fathers day. We also took him breakfast in bed, Sam of course had to have his own tray in the bed, and Liam enjoyed his toast. I snapped the above pictures which is now one of my favorites! This also goes out to Christopher's Dad, what a wonderful son you have raised I cannot thank you enough for his gentle heart and the wonderful leadership he provides for our family, I know he learned this from you!


The Mullins Family said...

Hey Kelly! I saw the link to your blog on Elizabeth's page. Your pics of the boys are so cute! I just ordered two of the Prima's online.. you def. don't have to mail them of course.. I can pick them up at your place or Leslie's! Just let me know!

Robyn Reynolds said...

That is one good looking group of boys! I read my dad your blog and he said it was very thoughtful.