Saturday, June 21, 2008

T Double E Double R Double I Double F Double CCC

This weekend was jam packed with fun! We started out Friday night by going to the County Fair! (Hence the Charlotte's Web reference). Wow... it reminded me that we really do live in the South. Everywhere you looked there were booths for various Churches. Sam got to color lots of pictures sporting phrases like "Jesus loves me!" And "Smile your a child of God!" It was fabulous... yet so very ghetto. There were no rides, but tons of bouncer castles which Sam LOVED! Then there was the petting zoo. I was originally taping this video of Sam but then the Lamb let out a bleat and Liam lost it! Poor cutie, nothing scary than a lamb saying hello :) (sorry it is sideways)
I also tried to catch a video of the Alpaca guy singing to his Alpacas but he stopped before I could. The boys got their first taste of Cotton Candy, Liam loved it while Sam kept spitting it out and handing it to me. Nothing like sucked on cotton candy yum! He really enjoyed the bubbles at one of the a fore mentioned church's booth

And the slide
By the end of the evening Sam was pretty tuckered. I am glad I could be a good pillow!
Congratulations to Kendra for winning first prize for her Afgan!!! All those years of work paid off! Congrats!