Thursday, June 5, 2008

Firemen are the best!

Today we took a fun field trip the our local Fire Department! The firemen were awesome!! They were so good with the kids. They set off a smoke detector and taught them how to crawl from the room! I was hoping for a stop drop and roll but I guess that is if YOU are on fire and that is just to scary to think about with little guys. They let all the kids (who wanted to) hop up in the truck. Sam kept telling me it was scary. So we walked around them a bunch and sat on them. They brought out their suits and HUGE boots. Sam would NOT stand in the boots either. I dunno where this timid thing is coming from but it is killing me as a picture person :) They let us know when we got there that if they got a call we would have to get out of the way as quickly as possible. As I seem to crave a little drama I was hoping that the kids would get to see them in action. But luckily nothing caught on fire in Williamsburg while we were there :) They also don't' have a dog, they said they can barely take care of themselves haa! All in all it was a great trip! Last night we went over to our Friends the Thorpes place to go swimming! It has been insanely hot here lately (98 today!) So the cool water was wonderful. Esla had on the cutest bathing suit! I just love the ruffles. She wore a fantastic truckers hat that Ana said she loves how cute is that!


Tillmann Fam said...

Love the new look! I hope you don't mind, but I'm totally stealing the pics of your blog from our trip to put on ours :)

Jaci said...

How cute are your boys!!! Seriously!!!
I LOVE Evanescence, I have that cd, and that song is perfect for New Moon!!! When they start production on that movie I will try to get it on the soundtrack as well! :)
I am so excited for August 2nd! I am going to the midnight release @ the local B&N.