Thursday, June 26, 2008

I heart Williamsburg

When Chris decided to go to law school the seemingly endless discussion of where to go began. I will not bore you with all the details, lets just say we had a fun excuse to visit A LOT of college towns across the country. Little did I know when we first visited Williamsburg how much I would grow to love it. This past week we have been doing a bunch of things just here locally and I kept thinking about how wonderful it is to live here.
#1 CW (colonial Williamsburg)

We walk in CW several times a week. Sam is now VERY familiar with Horses, sheep and ginormous oxen things. It is one of the most relaxing things I can think of to stroll down a gorgeous cobble stone street, without the worry of cars or noisy trucks, but to hear the clip clop of horse drawn carriages as they slowly roll pass. We now keep a stock of carrots and apples in our car for when the urge hits to go walk and feed the animals (it is also a sneaky way to get Sam to scarf down several carrots and usually an apple or two!). I take an insane amount of pictures in the hopes of forcing the boys to remember this idyllic place they lived for the first part of their lives.
#2 Water Country
A lot of my posts recently have began with "we went to water country today". This week was no different! We brought Elsa with us this week and it was a blast! She will make a VERY good big sister as she was extremely attentive to all of Liam's toy needs. While Sam continued to absent mindedly plow him over on his way to the next slide. Season passes are the BEST and I fully intend to have gone over fifty times by the end of the summer. I am also going to throw in the m any museums and aquariums here! We have a great pass that we use often! You gotta love those close encoutners with HUGE turtles!

#3 Busch Gardens
Along those same lines is the gorgeous theme park Busch Gardens. Chris and I go at least once a week after he comes home from work. Last night we went and ended up staying until closing at 9:30. It is great to stroll through the park letting Sam go on all the fun kids rides! And last night I had a new experience-- a Funnel Cake. I had never tried one before because honestly they looked disgusting! They always smelled good but I just couldn't force myself to eat something that was 90% grease. Chris talked me into it though and it was yummy! Mostly I ate all the strawberry's but now I can say I have had one. Next on the list Big Macs-- still never had one of those.
#4 Proximity to the beach/ water
I don't know what it is about me but I LOVE being close to water. If I believe in astrology I would attribute it to my being a crab... but I don't. It is more likely that being raised by a great mom who took me to the beach three out of seven days of the week and swimming the other four, ingrained in me the love. Driving around Williamsburg you can easily cross over several bodies of water. Throw in Archers Hope and York town beach and voila heaven. Then if we are feeling like a little surfing or boogie boarding it is a 45 min drive to VA beach, which is gorgeous. I would kill for some of the houses that are situated on cliffs above the rivers here!
#5 Good friends
It is always nerve wracking to move across country, far away from family and familiarity. Luckily being a member of the church always provides an instant family! We have been so blessed to make wonderful friends here, both members and non. The southern hospitality you hear bout so often is truly alive and well.... even if it often comes in the form of a stranger offering what you should or should not be doing with your child-- it happens A LOT!
Friends who share our obsessions ie trainsWill go on adventures with us

Or just kick back and watch a good show!



Robyn Reynolds said...

What a cute post! It makes me want to live there.

Anonymous said...

Love this post! But Kelly...what is better than fried dough...fried dough with strawberry sauce and powder suger!!! Funnel cakes are the best! Dont try the Big Mac not as yummy! You are blessed!

Tillmann Fam said...

I heart Williamsburg too, so much fun! So I totally love the sling in the first pic...did you make it too? Super cute!

Hayley and Gregory Bean said...

Hey! Are you making those slings( the one in the first picture)? Because, if you are, I would love to buy one!