Saturday, June 14, 2008

Saturday is a special day

Previous to Christopher's working full time I hadn't FULLY understood the wonderfulness of a weekend as a family. We have been spoiled through out these two schools years to have way more family time then we thought we would and although it has only been three weeks I am already dying for school to start again! That said, I have now dubbed from Friday night to Sunday night sacred. I absolutely LOVE the weekends. This morning Liam obviously felt the same Passion for Saturdays and decided 5:15 am was a good time to start it! Once everyone else was up (at more respectable times) we headed to Williamsburg's Farmers market in merchant square right in colonial Williamsburg. It is always a treat for the boys. They get to ride around in their red wagon and see everyone and their dog. Literally there are always tons of dogs! I love it because of the flowers and yummy treats. Christopher spoiled me today with a gorgeous bouquet of Hydrangea! They are gorgeous! I in turn spoiled Sam with a ginormous sucker. Liam was quite put out but I am just not ready for his four teeth to be rotted out of his head :) Then even though it is Fathers day tomorrow Chris "made" me take an hour off. I didn't know what to do with my stolen personal time, at first. I ended up going to Panera and getting my favorite lunch (my mom will die at this) A HUGE soda, several pieces of Baguette and a giant cookie. Yes I know horrible, but seriously it isn't like I eat like this everyday! I then thought I would get a pedicure but after seeing that it was 40 bucks and sitting there for twenty mins thinking about all the other things I would prefer to spend 40 bucks on, I bagged it and went fabric shopping. I know totally lame. But it has been a LONG time since I have actually been able to SLOWLY make my way through a fabric store (nerd alert!) We then were blessed with something that rarely happens for us anymore, an afternoon nap together. The boys uncharacteristically zonked at the same time! We then tackled the ominous job of professional pictures! They boys did wonderfully and I am DYING to get them back. I closed out my Saturday going with my awesome friend Leslie to the Clean Comedy night at the Kimball theater in CW (colonial Williamsburg) I laughed soooo hard! It was fabulous. I know it sounds generic but I LOVE to laugh so this was wonderful! The humor was light and funny and I didn't have that pit in my stomach waiting for them to stoop to crude humor. We are definitely making it a monthly tradition! I hope your Saturday was as wonderful as ours!


Jaci said...

I am right with you on the fabric shopping!! I have become addicted to quilt pattern books, like I am cook books, and I have a STACK of fabric for way cute quilts that I don't have time to make until I am done with this calls in three weeks! I also love "window shopping" online for fabric! I know, its a horrible habit, and I can't help it! I LOVE IT!!!!

LondonCalling said...

I now love the SLC Farmer's Market! I could buy ALL of the jewelry they had on display! Too bad your's is just produce or you could sell your keepers!