Thursday, June 12, 2008

New Bitten Line.. and other important things

So I am a HUGE fan of Sarah Jessica Parker's Bitten line. The prices are INSANELY cheap her new magic number is $8.98!!! And the product is fairly high quality. I have been waiting and waiting for her new collection and it is now available! If you have never checked it out or if you are like me and love it but was ready for something new click on the link and see what shes got: I am dying over the white trench coat. And I thought I would ALWAYS hate vests but I find myself drooling over the black two button with the black striped shirt!!! And as my close friends know I am a major sucker for seersucker MAJOR! So there is nothing going to keep me from getting that jacket. I am personally devastated that I don't have the kind mola to run down and purchase everything, not to mention the amount of money it would cost to actually drive to the closest Steve and Barry's. Man I hate oil companies. I don't know how much Chris would approve of spending a ton of money to get to a place to spend more money... hmm not likely. Thank goodness they are opening one in Newport News shortly.

In other news.

Sam has had a rash on his lower abdomen for some time now. The doctor prescribed a cream but it hasn't really done anything. When I called her back about it she said that most likely it won't go away till we potty train him, that the diapers are irritating his skin. So I thought hmmm fat chance. Apparently Sam thought the same thing because this is the first thing he did with the Thomas underwear I bought him. No joke he did this himself and told me it was Sammy's Hat. Some how I don't think he is ready for it!
We introduced Liam to mashed potatoes the other night, and as any good Irish boy should be he is crazy about them. He would squish them in his hands letting out a warrior cry high pitched sequel then shove them in his mouth. Now that is love.
We went to Water Country USA today and Sam discovered his new favorite candy, mini M&M's. He loves that he can pour the entire thing in his mouth and then pick up the ones that fall out as he grins at me.


Jaci said...

I have only been to S&B's once, and LOVED it! My mom and I went crazy! I try to ignore the fact that it is only 15 minutes away from my parents house. :)
By the way... You would look so CUTE in that vest!

Anonymous said...

Holly crap! Those prices are crazy! I had no idea the whole line was that price! I wish I even knew where a Steve and B was. You are lucky you live by some good shopping...Zion's thanks! Love the clothes...get the trench, I think you can afford it!