Sunday, June 8, 2008

There is no Price for Awesomness, or Attractiveness-- Po

We are smack dab in the middle of a heat wave here in the 'Burg. Yesterday to was 99-101 and today it is going to be 104!!! Add in our normal humidity and it is seriously unbearable. We wanted to do something yesterday though with Chris off work. So we decide to brave water country USA. The boys had a great time chillin in the water and Chris was able to take Sam on a few rides! (doesn't Sam just look like he's having a great time! Haa!) I really believe we had Liam this close to Sam for a reason. This past week has been so fun with the two of them playing. Sam wants Liam to be everywhere he is (I caught him dragging him by the arm saying "Om on Bro Bro" Yeah that stopped quick!) This is a video of them bouncing on the bed. It of course was cuter when they did it spontaneously then when we begged them to reenact it but still adorable!

We tried to take Sam to see King Fu Panda Friday night. We got Popcorn and drinks and snacks and were so excited. He loves watching the trailer so we thought it would be a sure hit. We were a little concerned about the Lemers but remembered Melony taking Aiden and giving hm a licorice and he was great. Well Liam LOVES licorice but Sam does not like scary previews-- or cell phone commercials. There was one with a "scary to a two year old voice" and after that all he wanted was "outside?" So we got a rain check and Chris and I went to see it last night. It was SOOOO cute and funny! I was laughing through the whole movie, which was only an hour and a half long. I am getting weary of these 3 hour long movies that are just long to be long so this was a welcome repute! We are going to try again with Pizars Wall-E.


Anonymous said...

I saw that movie as well! It was sooo cute! I was pleasantly surprised! I was babysitting my niece and could not figure out what to do with her. My mom suggested we go see a movie. My mom and I wanted to see Maid of Honor but we thought Kung Fue Panda was more appropriate! It was funny! I loved when the bad guy was trying to get the scroll and Po thought he was being tickled and said "i am going to pee!" Good Movie!