Saturday, December 19, 2009

Baby its cold outside

The storm hit! So much for the three photo shoots I had today.. That means its playtime instead! I bundled the boys all up, put Liam in the wagon and we headed down stairs. Liam was not happy, he literally said to me "Momma I not happy" and it showed
It wasn't even one minute and he cried to go home.
Poor Sam was having a blast
When we got into the elevator I asked Liam if he was okay and he told me "I not talkin a you". Wow... he was mad at me for making him cold :) Sam headed back down with Chris to play with about 30 other kids on the slides at the park and little sledding hills they made. I was really looking forward to doing some photo shoots in the snow but it is so dangerous to drive out here in snow because DCers are not used to it and they only have so many road plows. I thought I would be able to get some good shots of the boys but between Liam being mad at me, demanding to go home and then putting himself to bed for a nap (I kid you not) and Abby being super cranky it just didn't happen... bummers.


Patty Girl said...

I saw that storm on the news and thought about how glad I was that it wasn't out west. There is something so bright and lovely about snow pictures. It stinks when the kids don't cooperate. Maybe next time you can get the shots, although you better get them before you leave because then it will be beach pictures all the time.