Wednesday, December 9, 2009

A vacation, A Picnic & S'mores

This past weekend was a wonderful whirl wind! Our good friends the Tillman's flew me out to take pictures for them. It was fabulous! I wanted to surprise my parents so I didn't tell anyone but Claire that I was coming. Kristen and her cuties picked me up from the airport, we took some fun pictures for Wes' Dental office. I surprised my parents at Claire's performance at the Festival of Trees. It was sooo great! Claire did a fabulous job of keeping it a secret. At first I couldn't find them and she was trying to nod and dance haaa! We had so much fun catching up and eating a VERY late night meal at In N Out! Yummers! I don't know if it is because I was there to do pictures that when I wasn't doing a shoot I forgot to take pictures or what but I only took 1 non shoot photo haaa!
Aunt Claire and Abbers
I am in LOVE with the hat my sister Felicty gave her! She was showered with amazing accesories from my sisters and mom and I am dying for her to wear them all!
Aside from the office pictures I also got to do some maternity pictures for Kristen.
There are more of these on my photo blog. Isn't she just gorgeous! She only has 13 weeks left until her super cutie arrives! Then there is Lucy. I love Lucy. It would be a dream come true if someday I am taking Bridals of Lucy-- a few weeks before she marries Sam. Oh how happy that would make me! He talks about her ALL OF THE TIME! He loves when he gets to skype with her. She is just the cutest little thing ever!
I also took some quick shots for my sister Felicity. Pretty sure she looks AMAZING for someone who was in a comma a few months ago. I am so proud of you Felic and your comeback!
While I was gone Clumsy Liam got a second set of stitches. That poor guy, we need to wrap him in bubble wrap! When I got home I was excited to have a day to just hang with the kiddos. Sam wanted to have a picnic and since it was snowing out he settled for one in his room with fake food. We used their blankets to sit on. This is what a boys picnic looks like:
Sam has his oven mitt on just in case he needs to handle something hot. Abby can sense danger... there must be a Liam near by!
After our picnic we headed to Costco to get some food. I just about died when I saw the expiration date on my milk
Christmas is so close that I have milk that will expire on it!!! OH MY GOSH! I haven't even gotten to enjoy it yet :(
I talked Chris into going to Cosi's and having S'Mores before writing letters to Santa. It was an interesting outing:
After calming him down I decided to help Sam pull in his chair and couldn't figure out what was stopping me from bending over the table... oh that would be my HOT chocolate...
So much for a toasty drink.
We still had a blast though. I LOVE how pretty s'more makers at Cosi's are.
We never got around to writing letters to Santa... where does the time go!!