Thursday, December 10, 2009

Getting ready for Christmas

Christmas has totally snuck up on me. I finally got around to making our christmas card today (totally haven't written the letter yet). I personally didn't want to be in the pictres since I am NOT in tip top shape. So with ALOT of bribing and literally putting candy on my head I got some pictures of the kids for our card.
Yeah I know Sam is blurry but it is the best one... how sad is that.
I did get a cute one of the boys with out Abbers:
And one of just Abby right before her nap
So they aren't amazing but hey it is better then spending hours photoshoping the baby weight off me! If you would like a christmas card let me know your address!


The Gardener said...

Baby weight? Seriously, you need to buy a mirror. You look fabulous. Believe me, I wouldn't use this precious time of kids in bed and peace in my home to leave a comment if it wasn't the absolute truth. Really, I can take a poll if you'd like. Everyone would agree with me. You'll see....
BTW LOVED the website.

Jan said...

Wonderful Christmas card photo Kelly. But we want the whole family next time. You are all beautiful!! That Abbey is getting cuter everyday- if that is possible. And your boys are dreamy. Love you!

Patty Girl said...

I want one and I have one to mail to you. I don't exactly want to post my address here though, so facebook me and I will mail you ours too!