Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Eve and train overload

After Chris went into work for a little bit we headed to downtown DC to see the special train exhibit at the National Botanical Gardens. We drove right up to the front and were lucky enough to get a spot right infront of the doors. Honestly how often does that happen? I have to mention it because with three kids it is always ironic that we get horrible parking spots and then after unloading all the kids and stuff that comes with them, we will walk into where ever we are going and a person will be THEN pulling out of the front parking space. ARgggggh. Not today though and I knew it was an omen of good times to come. The National Gardens are RIGHT nextdoor to the capitol and the reflecting pool infront of the capital was frozen over.
We took the boys out to slide around on the ice, Abby hung out in the stroller, oddly enough I didn't want her strapped to the front of either of us since I figured someone was going to fall. What a suprise when it was Liiam- haaa
He got right back up though and loved saying "woah woah woah I fall down!" everytime he lost his balance even a little bit ;)
Sam was more reluctant. He wanted ice skates, which I was impressed he knew to ask for.
I snuck in this shot right before a policeman whistled and made everyone get off.
I just think it is so cool that we live that close to THE most powerful place in the world (well at least I think so-- China might disagree). Thankfully they had passed the healthcare bill and all gone home so DC was fairly quiet. We straped Abbers in and headed inside.
(I am so pysched about that head clip. I have a whole other post about that-- but wanted to give Kristen a sneak peak at what will be in here package!)
Once inside we found out why DC was so quiet... EVERYONE WAS IN HERE! It was nuts, but gorgeous! Sam loved the huge Christmas tree with the train going around in the main entrance
We had to wait in line to get into the exhibit. Luckily the nicest family was waiting in front of us. They were visiting from Pasadena and had two boys that were 14 months apart and a 4 month old baby-- but thiers was a boy (a big part of our conversation was how lucky I was to get a girl:)) It was great because both sets of boys beat up on each other while we waited and we chatted and were able to ignore all the disdainful looks we received from old people who apparently thought the "magic train" exhibit should be for adults only. The exhibit did not disapoint. Everything was made of natural materials with flowers and plants growing everywhere.
There was a huge castle in the middle
There were tiny little trains zipping in and out of little hide outs
And huge trains that zoomed around over head on bridges and through tunnels.
I was watching one go over head when Chris pointed out how cool it was that the capitol rotunda was right in the background.
There was a Santas Village and a place for the fairys to live. It really was magical. To conitnue in this fabulous day we head to China town and took the boys to one of my fav places, Potbelly's. I ordered my usual and we got the boys PB&J's. Wow, lets just say I stopped eatng my chicken salad sandwhich and polished off Liam's PB&J. Chris loves their sugar cookies so we indugled and even hid one in my bag for later. We had been wanting to take the boys to see the trees on the Elipse and although it was beautiful, it was cold. So Chris took the boys in the stoller while I hung out with Abby in the warm car. Sam loved watching all the trains going around, particularly the Thomas train. But his hatred of being cold was bubbling up. Chris made him make the horrible decision of staying and watching trains and being cold or going to the car and being toasty. He relented and they came back. After we got home they took a nice LONG nap. Woo hoo! When they woke up Chris and I let them open one gift. They were identical robots that walked and spun around and had swords. While the robots were plaed with for about 20 mins. the swords were played with the rest of the night... and then taken to bed! This is Liam the pirate who finished attacking the TV right before this was taken.
And then he put a bow on his head
We finished off the night taking neighbor gifts to the people in our building and of course stoping to play for a good hour at friends Tommy and Geoges house. The boys LOVE playing with their trucks!
Chris read the Christmas Story and it was off to bed. About an hour into "bedtime" I went in to find the two of them plopped infront of their TV watching the Phineus and Ferb Christmas special... I have GOT to remember to unplug their TV :) Santa made a call on the cell phone and let them know he wouldn't come until they were asleep. The both liked this and finally fell asleep at 10:45 PM. PHEW


Jan said...

Loved all the shots, Kelly. Thanks for sharing and thanks for skyping the gift opening with us. It made our day not quite so lonely.. Jan

Cady said...

love the pics of you guys on the ice, esp the family pic (minus abbers)! i can't believe we missed all that snow!??! i knew you'd love the trains...and i knew sam and liam would love them too. you guys have truly packed a ton of fun into the last few weeks...what shall we do for the next 3?

Anonymous said...

I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.