Monday, December 28, 2009

I love fruit-- Apples to be exact

There will be lots of pictures to follow but right now I am trying to get everything organized on my new imac!!! Merry Christmas to the Crawford's! Christopher's laptop has given us trouble since day one. We have had to take it in to the Geek Squad so many times that they finally suggested we use our lemon policy and just call it quits and use the mola to get something new. Well Chris knew that I had been drooling over my friend Reese's imac and how much I love editing pictures on a desktop so tadda he came home with an awesome Apple. We are in the process of transferring over all our files etc via external hard drive (my original Christmas present-- it just better not crash while I am transferring things!!) Between the imac the hard drive, the Kindle and point and shoot camera I got Christopher for Christmas, we feel fairly technologically overloaded. Sam and Liam like the technology they got from Santa (remote control Wall-E's) so everyone is happy! Hope your Christmas was as crazy fun as ours (lots more to come on that soon).


Jaci said...

I am a TOTAL mac person! My laptop has been great for going on 5 and a half years! They can be a bit, but are totally worth the money because you don't have to replace them every year.
So jealous of the Kindle!!! That is on my "some day purchase" list. :)
Glad you had a great Christmas.

Patty Girl said...

You guys are totally tech-ed out! Sounds like you got some pretty awesome gifts. And an Imac is quite the surprise. It sounds like so much fun. Good luck getting ready for Timor.