Friday, December 18, 2009

What happens when Daddy gets a night off

Chris has really wanted to see Avitar. We got a sitter and tickets to a late showing and then realized DC is getting hit tonight with a MAJOR storm. We are talking possibly more then 2 feet of snow. (No one in DC knows how to handle this people today were shopping for food as if Armageddon had been announced for tomorrow) I thought it wouldn't be a good idea for both of us to end up stranded at the movie theater away from our children if it does get horrible, so I stayed home and Chris and his friend Tom, we always call him "Tom as in Tom and Meredith" even though he is the only Tom we know, headed to the theater. Well the boys know I am a HUGE push over so the second Daddy left they were out of bed and "helping" me with laundry, which they pretended was snow and rolled around in for the majority of the time. Then Liam pretended he was drowning in it and we had to save him... over and over and over. We fully intend on going out and building "snow castles" with Sam's buddy Ryli tomorrow so I had pulled out their snow gear. Liam loved his hat and Sam told me to take a picture so of course I did:
I love that he is wearing Jammies that say Sam. Mainly because I know years from now I will look at this picture and say I swear this is Liam but his jammies say Sam.
Sam then wanted me to take a picture of him but when I told him to open his eyes he opened his mouth instead.
Things get a little crazy when it is late and Daddy is gone :)