Saturday, December 12, 2009

You know how it is being a mom...

As moms you know that for the most part you will never be in the pictures of your family doing cool activities, generally you are behind the camera. And when you do get a random stranger to take your camera so you can be in one it rarely turns out well. At least this is the case for me. While I still have a aways to go on loosing my preggy weight I asked Christopher if for Christmas I could have my friend Leah Miller do some pictures of Abby and I while we were in UT. Leah is crazy talented. She has this amazing style where colors are saturated and desaturated all at once... I am not doing it justice. This evening she posted a sneak peak of the pictures and let me just say my eyes welled up. It is so rare that us Mommies have nice pictures of ourselves. If you are in UT and have ANY excuse to hire Leah do it. She will not be affordable for long, once word gets out she is going to be in crazy demand. Check out her BLOG and her SITE.
PS Thanks for letting me borrow the headband Kristen I LOVE it!


Kristin said...

What a hot mama!! They seriously turned out so cute!

Z. Marie said...

Oh, wow, awesome photos!

The Gardener said...

See? You proved me right! Gorgeous!

Reese said...

Vavoom honey!!!
You look amazing in those photos.
Mallory says "I like her boots, and her smile, and the flower in her hair." She just reminded me again to tell you how much she likes your smile!

Gratitude said...

beautiful :)