Wednesday, December 23, 2009

We like Christmas ALOT

Chris growing up wasn't a HUGE fan of Christmas. I mean he enjoyed it well enough but wasn't crazy about it like me. Since we have had kids it has taken on a while new meaning. Kind of like Disneyland. When we went to Disneyland as part of our honeymoon with thought we had fun... that was nothing compared to going to Disneyworld with two little boys, now that is magic. It is the same way with Christmas. Sam and Liam have inherited their moms love of Christmas. I think that is why I am so sad that it has come so fast. I am excited though that each day brings us closer to our warm island home. Today was COLD and it is always a struggle to get our cuties in coats, shoes, you know-- clothes in general. I finally got Liam to wear a hat today and oh my gosh it was so cute! LUckily I got a picture before he ripped it off.
We are going to try and JAM as many fun holiday activities as we can tomorrow, the national tree, wreaths at Arlington, drive through lights. Its a christmas blitz!!


Heidi said...

i cannot WAIT for Christmas morning. I am so excited about the stuff we got for the kids and the stuff santa will bring. I know- that is not the meaning of Christmas. I love the Holiday Season, starting at Halloween until the New Year, but this year it has been hectic....Mikah being born, the new job offer, the oh man, it just flew by. We have a tree partially decorated, it fell down twice. We also saw the temple lights..but that is about it. Oh, we have SNOW and a fire daily in the wood stove.