Saturday, December 19, 2009

Fourth time is the charm

Sam loves the snow. The entire day today we would come in, take a little break and then he would beg to go back outside. It was so cute because he wouldn't really do anything, he just loved walking around and eating snow, falling on his knees every now and then and making lots of snow angels. On our third trip out I really wanted to do some pictures but it was crazy snowing so I put my camera in a garbage bag to try and keep it dry.
Just a few steps out the door he plopped himself down and made a snow angel.
I hid by a wall trying to avoid the majority of the gusts and Sam came over and did the perfect model lean (Felicity: "It looked like he was leaning")
He has kind of a goofy forced smile when I tell him to smile so I said Sammy look serious, apparently this is serious:
It looks like he is thinking "Seriously?"
Thankfully we had ONE pair of snow boots. When I went out yesterday ALL of the snow gear was gone at both Target and TJMax. The shelves were cleared it was nuts. Sam still fit in the boots I bought him for Christmas last year:
It was a fun challenge shooting in the snow. My camera had a hard time deciding what to focus on, the snow or Sammy :)
Even when he is blurred though I think it is pretty cute.
Sams favorite thing to do is eat the snow.
I am always worried about this so he would hide behind trees and sneak it
When I would say "I see you" he would just laugh and run.
Before when we came out there were LOTS of kids but this time there was only one cutie. She came up and asked if I wanted to take a picture of her! How cute is that I love girls with confidence
She showed me her "snowball" and told me it was a snow pile haaa!
The fourth time we went out Liam joined us and actually had a lot of fun. I didn't bring my camera that time because I knew I would spend the majority of the time helping Liam. We made lots of snow angles and attempted to make a snowman but holy cow my hands were sooooo cold I couldn't do it. While meandering around our apts we heard the fire engine siren. Here in Falls Church if you hear an extended siren it means the fire truck that has Santa on the back is coming around. Since we missed it last night I tried to make the boys run to see it. Bad idea. I picked up Liam and started running. I reached the top of a long flight of cement stairs and wham! totally fell on my back and slid to the bottom. Liam thought it was hilarious and wanted to do it again. I on the other hand prayed the firetruck would come and get me an ambulance haaa! Sam scooted down on his bum but we had already missed the firetruck so we just headed right back up. Of course more than once Liam's boot fell off once right into a puddle and filled with water. He demanded he walk home in it though and I had visions of frostbitten toes and amputations-- after all it is Liam we are talking about. This little guy fell into the wall three times today, every time tripping on nothing. When we got home we had yummy hot coco and grilled cheese for Lunch. Sam then fell asleep in the couch and didn't wake up until 7:45pm! That's what playin' in the snow for hours will do to yah!


Robyn Reynolds said...

I love all your pictures above and below. Your boys really are so handsome. And Good looking kids for sure!