Wednesday, January 6, 2010

You want how much for that?

There is a seller on Etsy that creates beautiful funky silk necklaces. I love her stuff but could never actually afford to buy it. Well I decided I could try and make it! This is not a tutorial because Elizabeth and I talked about how we don't know what is okay to post on your blog with regards to tutorials etc. I don't want the girl from the store to hunt me down and sue me or something. THIS was the article I wanted and this is my creation:
I couldn't find blue silk so I just used blue broadcloth. While hers would have run me 60 dollars mine cost 2.50. I kid you not. I found the tassels at the fabric store but just thought it pushed it over the edge, and that saved me a dollar. I originally thought I would make it a hair accessory but I think for its size it would be better attached to some ribbon and worn around my waist with a dress. Better hop to it since we only have to Sundays left... oh my tummy just dropped. ANYWAYS this is the headband I showed Elizabeth how to make. Hers turned out ADORABLE since she substituted three little pearls where I had rhinestones.
And these are the little hair clippies I made for Abby. I think the red one is a little burlesque looking and I actually don't think she owns a stick of red clothing but we'll see ;)
Isn't that an awesome cake stand-- good 'ole Target. What will I do with out you? There will be more pictures of it when I finally post about Christopher's awesome birthday and our wonderful Christmas. I will do it when you least expect it-- like in March or July... or tomorrow :) FInal note, I do these crafty things and think I am the bees knees and then I find a site like Ruffles and Stuff and am back at square one and feeling so humble when compared to their crafty goodness. Check her out, her name is Disney, I mean that right there should tip you off!


Heidi said...

YUCK. I think that the necklaces are hideous! And for $110 a pop? The head bands are much much cuter. I saw the necklaces featured on a blog a while back...where the girl shows all of her favorite things and where to get them. Most of the stuff is much too pricey. This is a girl that will spend $90 on a pair of pink plastic shoes that smell like strawberries and then buy another pair of lime green one for her sister. I never ever am ok spending money like that. She must just come from a different budget circle!!! (however, I'm not opposed to buying $200 hiking boots when my job is hiking, or $95 dollar running shoes- because I run a whole lot(and $95 is a moderate price). But a necklace that you can make yourself for $2.50..and plastic shoes?

Robyn Reynolds said...

You really are so crafty it's amazing. I wish you lived close so you could teach me a thing or two.

Cady said...

you're amaaaaaaaaaaaazing. thanks for the pettiskirt making lesson. this must be what it feels like to be 1/10 of you and your craftiness!

Jan said...

Kelly, i am crying I am laughing so hard (you can just picture that since youv'e seen it before.) I knew something was up befor I read the info below Sam's picture. Those yellow pants would never have been put on by you. Good thing he is confident and unphased by such an event.