Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I hope they call you on a mission... to DILI!!!

Each Sunday we have a lovely little sacrament with our TINY little branch. This last week we had our guard snap a picture of our group (I swear I wear a dress this was taken after church had been over for a while... one of the MANY benefits of having it at your home is your closet is three feet away)
(the picture was really dark so you can TOTALLY see where I lightened us up-- its like we have a glow around us haa!)
Doug on the left is a commander with the Sea Bees and is only here for two more months... but as much as we love him we are glad he is leaving, his wife just had a baby a few weeks ago and he really needs to be home with her. He brought me a case of tortillas last Sunday and I was shaking with joy as I put them in the freezer. (If Jordan reads this, the next night I made your Chicken roll ups for our guests and they were a HUGE hit!)
On the right is Brint. He is here with the Australian military force and he is great! He was kind enough to take a copy of the picture and send it, along with an informative email, to the mission president... and drum roll please... in April the mission president is coming to visit us! I was freaking out when he told Chris, I was so excited. Could you imagine if they open Dili up as an area!!!! Oh the possibilities. Sure I would be feeding the missionaries every night but how great would that be! Chris as ever tells me not to let my imagination run wild but I really think it would be so wonderful and I am sure they would have so much success here! Now we just have to wait a few more weeks and really impress him!


The Gardener said...
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The Gardener said...

Sorry about that. Had a serious misspell that I didn't notice until I posted.
Takes a lot of determination to keep going to church with only 7 people in attendance. Although, it would be nice not to worry about the bad hair day that always seem to happen on Sunday's. :-)

Crawford Couple said...

You, my dear daughter in law, have real talent(s). Both with the camera and the written word...among many others.
So what mission territory are you in? It will be interesting to see what happens.
Keep up the great and gorgeous blog entries and remember that the 5 of you are REALLY loved in Sicily.

nora ballantyne harrison said...

i LOVE you guys. i miss you so much. kell, i looked up tickets, and they are a mere TEN GRAND!? maybe you can give me some search pointers...xoxoxo (PS did you know genevieve took pics for my wedding?)