Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Goin' to the Zoo-- you can come too!

Monday Jordan and I adventured down to the Virgina Zoo in Norfolk. I had never been and was excited to see what it had to offer. They had a great military discount so right away I liked it. Plus the entryway was gorgeous. We got there right when it opened thus the boys got free reign of the place. We headed to the farm area first where Liam had a staring contest with a rather large cow.
The boys liked the rabbits and pigs. But we didn't come to the zoo to see things we can walk down the street at CW and see! We came to....

Eat! I have decided that snacking is a crucial part of any outing. Usually Sam wants whatever Fischer has, so I have tried to preemptively choose items that Jordan might pack for Fischer. This results is a Stuffed Diaper bag packed with an array of items. This time I brought: 4 bags of chips, 3 juice box's, 5 box's of raisins, 6 fruit snack bags, a big bag of pretzel fish, Sponge bob cheese crackers, 4 oatmeal cream pies (of which I ate two :)), a peanut butter sandwich and a big handful of candy from the Halloween stash. Jordan brought pumpkin cookies... enough said. After snacking we headed over to the good stuff, the animals you go to the zoo for. First stop Lions! It was great to hear the boys roar (including Liam-- it is his first animal sound). Next up the Ehfants, as Sam calls them. He makes THE cutest elephant sound ever, a picture obviously doesn't do it justice:
Liam and I in front of the elephants
We watched the elephants and then the giraffes for a while and finally decided it had been long enough since our last snack... so we ate again :) The Crawford boys chowin down on raisins:

The kids had a blast climbing all over the big Rhino Statue. Sam as a knew thing were he loves to say "hold tight!" and then grab you . Fischer got to experience it on the rhino!
He also begged Jordan to hold Sophie, don't worry he held her tight too.
I used to take a lot of pictures of the animals when I would go to the zoo and then I realized I never really looked a them because its not like I haven't seen an elephant before so this time I really only took one or two. The kids however, I could look at pictures of these four all day!


christa lee* said...

yay! so much fun! we got to take Nynaeve to the Hogle Zoo last weekend. it's so much more fun when you have kids with you. :)