Tuesday, October 21, 2008

A pumpkining we will go!

Last week Sam and Liam's Child development class took a field trip to Pumkinville (this after a solid hour of them both crying at the door of their class room, usually Sam is stellar but apparently one of the really nice teachers walked away with Liam and that is just not cool in his book). The boys got to pick one pumpkin and a gourd paid for by the center whoo hoo! We also got to go on a haunted hay ride. Sam was not a huge fan of the bumpiness but thought the huge tractor was pretty cool. We took little wagons out to find the pumpkins
and Sam REALLY wanted to pull his little bro...
that lasted literally two seconds. I knew that he would have had a lot more fun if he had a buddy like Fischer there so... we went back with Fisch, Jord and Sophie and yeah he had a blast! First they wandered through the maze beating up random scary poster people. Then they played giant ring toss with hoola hoops around candy corn

(Fischer totally looks like he is doin it!) and finally enjoyed a little bean bag toss into a pumpkin.
We went on the hayride again and Sam enjoyed this time A LOT more.
Sam was a little worried about Liam though so he made sure to hold his hand.
Another passenger was kind enough to snap this shot of all of us...

which is actually the second picture after the lady asked me if I wanted on without Sam picking his nose... he looks so happy about it :)

Fischer kept an eye on Sophie
Now some of you may be wondering why exactly Sam has a hat on that makes him look like a keebler elf. Good question. That morning I had dressed Liam before Sam and put on the coordinating hat--
Liam doesn't like hats so of course it came off. But before it did Sam caught a glimpse of hm wearing it and immediately wanted to wear it. I offered him several alternatives that would actually fit but it was bro bros or nothin'. Half way through our trip I was able to sneak it off.
Sam is really into Pirates right now. I mean REALLY into them. On the way home from the patch we stopped at a Halloween supply store and Fischer and Sam got pirate eye patch's. Sam has yet to take it off since. He literally sleeps in it! We have now made a rule that he cannot have it covering his eye but up above it... that's all I need is a pirate patch induced lazy eye. Chris sneaks in at night and takes it off but it is the first request in the morning. We got him a pirate costume for Halloween which he adores and today we completed the ensemble with a sword and some treasure aka mardi gras beads from the dollar section. Its great when he wears it out because I have to continuously tell people he is being a pirate today when they look at him with pity for being so young and having to wear a patch. This is in front of our house for those of you who have yet to visit us... shame shame shame :)