Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Touching lives across the country-- that would be my mom

I grew up in a wonderful home with an amazing artist for a mother. I have MANY memories of begging her to do the drawings for whatever project I was currently working on (I unfortunately did not inherit that type of artistic ability from her) Of course like most people I didn't realize how blessed I was until I had moved away and began raising children of my own. My mother instilled a deep appreciation for art and its crucial place in a child's development. It is not always, and is piratically never easy to do an art project with a toddler. So in an effort to make this a more enjoyable experience we started a craft group every other Friday with other moms and cuties at the church. At first I really didn't think I would have that many takers but it has been fabulous!!! We have so much fun-- oh and the kids do to. My mom has been an amazing support for this. Each week people ask where I get all my supplies and ideas and I don't really know if they believe me or not when I simply say my mom. As a K-3 grade art teacher my mom is a fountain of ideas and information. She has sent me countless amounts of art supplies and magazines or clippings with ideas. Today I received yet another package.

As you can see it included amazing ideas and all the things necessary to create the fun spooky items. Plus enough wooden pumpkins for each of the kids to decorate and take home.
I have yet to call and thank her because I am so overwhelmed with gratitude I know I will start to cry. Which I am currenlty doing... what a baby! I don't think she fully contemplates just how many little lives she is touching with her wonderful support. So in an effort to show her I took some pictures at our last art class.
Before class begins:
Snacks made by Elizabeth:
Some finished products (they are noise makers... and snakes) :
I cannot thank you enough mom for being such a wonderful inspiration and for your overwhelming support. There is absolutely no way a "starving student" such as myself could do this without you! We love and appreciate it soooo much!
Oh and she also sent this cool Halloween shirt where the kitties face lights up when ever you move. Liam is already carrying it around everywhere. I will have to tear it out of his hands to wear it ;)
These are the pumpkins (which are now ruined due to torential rains) inspired by a magazine article she sent me... theirs were much cuter but thats okay.