Sunday, October 5, 2008


During the fall leading up to Halloween, Busch Gardens turns into Howl-o-scream. Everything is redecorated in skeletons and ghosts. And oddly dressed people:
Luckily Sam thinks skeletons are pirates so this is the BEST for him. We have been trying to go every Friday since it closes in a few weeks. Last time I caught a few funny photos. We went on the tea cups for the first time as a family. The lady was supposed to have taken a picture of all of us but she ignored my hint to keep pushing down...

oh well. I had to get the progression of Sam from This is awesome!
To um I would like it to stop now:
He loves looking up close at all the Pirate Displays
and stealing some of their booty (I didn't feel bad because someone else's naughty child ripped it out of the display... not mine ;))
Liam now loves Busch Gardens because he can go on all of the rides Sam can. We got him on the little Clydesdale's and after once around he was practically falling off.
Don't pay any attention to that face of terror he was having a wonderful time!
Of course we had to go on the train, which is now decked out in black lights, pumpkins and friendly Halloween music. As you go around the park you go past fake graveyards, pumpkin displays and lots of lights.Daddy and Liam on the train:
The Men on the train:
This particular trip we scored and ran into the Adams' right as we walked in. Busch Gardens is infinitely more fun with friends! It is also great because we trade off entertaining the kids so we can go on rides as a couples... or the ever rare Jordan and I actually getting to go on a ride together. We usually distract them with lots and lots of snacks. Here they are chillin and eating!
In the Ireland section that night they had tiny little owls you could hold. Sam was NOT to sure about this and he would only get as close as this:
I really LOVE being able to go all the time and will be so bummed when it closes. This my desire to live in a state that is warm year round!!


Nora said...

awesome pics! I'm so glad you had a great time in DC. That picture of Chris and Liam is so sweet.