Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The Train The Train!

This weekend Chris had his last class in DC. We decided to head up with him and stay with my awesome friend Kerstin. While Chris was at his class I was able to talk Kerstin into accompanying me and the boys on the metro to some of the Smithsonian's. I was able to catch Sam's face as he saw the first train arrive.

He kept shouting "It's Spencer!!!" (the Thomas train that looks most like a metro rail) and "He's goin' fast!" We made it through the transfers etc and headed down to the Mall. I wanted to take the boys to the Air and Space Museum because I though Sam would love the airplanes.
("this is a LEM Liam... it lands on the moon" that is totally what Sam was saying) As we walked out of the museum ten mins later I turned to Kerstin and said "I don't know what I was expecting but that wasn't it" I had thought of the fact that it was a GORGEOUS Saturday in DC so obviously the tourists would be out in mass. We walked along and showed Sam some of the sculptures then headed for the Merry go round. parents had to pay to accompany their children and there was no way Sam was goin by himself so I shelled out the money but then hopped on a horse, I was getting the ride I paid for!
Sam wanted the cow horse :) Once it started we realized we were in for a bumpy ride. This thing was sooooo rickety. Sam grabbed my hand and held it for the duration. I thought it was so cute to be riding a merry go round holding your little boys hand! I tried to get a pic but it's hard to balance, hold a hand and take a picture :)
After the LONGEST ride ever we got off and Sam apparently thought he might have never seen his brother again because he ran to him and gave him a HUGE hug and kiss.
We headed over to the natural history so the boys could see the ginormous Elephant in the lobby.
Sam checkin out the elephant:
There was an amazing fish exhibit that was new so we attempted to take that in while both of us split after their perspective Crawford boy.
Kerstins Crawford boy for the day:) Liam loves her!
We had a over priced mediocre lunch then it was home again on the metro. We had pushed it a little too long though because Liam LOST it on the way home. He was not comin back from this one, (Him hitting my hand away and saying NO!!!)
luckily I am used to stares and we made it home where he proceeded to take a three hour nap! Thanks Kerstin for entertaining us and letting us crash at your place AGAIN, we LOVE visiting you!