Thursday, October 30, 2008

Kung Foo meets Arrrrr

Last night was our wards trunk or treat! I love this tradition because it really is a rehearsal for Halloween and sort of eases the boys into it! We started out the day heading down to the living museum with Sam's friend Thomas. His mom had the terrible stomach bug that is going around so we took Thomas for the day. The boys had a lot of fun runnin around. I didn't get a chance to snap any pics though because lets be honest keeping track of three kept all my attention :) When it was time to get ready I was glad we had purchased Sam two Halloween costumes. Sam dressed up as a pirate, a sloppy one at best.
For some reason once in costume he didn't want his eye patch or hat. Thomas wore Sam's Thomas the Tank engine costume and Liam was Po from King Foo Panda. Luckily the Grady's were there to help out and hold Liam so Chris could follow Sam and I could follow Thomas. Thanks Grady's!

Camela was a good sport and came unknowing that in a few hours she would be in labor!!! You cannot tell at all from this pick but she and Trevor are now proud parents to baby girl Logan!
Chris and I didn't realize that people went all out and decorated their cars and everything. Luckily the Adams' forgot their candy so we gave them ours and closed up our lame non-decorated car and pretended to be with the awesomely decorated vehicle! Fischer dressed up as Peter Pan and Sophie was Tinkerbell! How adorable is she!
Fischer even got to meet his archenemies Captain Hook, they had a staring contest. I think Fischer was genuinely a little worried.

We had dinner and cupcakes. Liam received lots of funny comments about his costume and shoveling food into his mouth... lots of "just like his character" type remarks. It was pretty cute. The little girls especially liked his costume and felt compelled to poke him a lot. (I look like a homeless person in this picture, maybe that is why one of my little girls in my primary asked me what I was supposed to be haaaaaa!)
On the way home Chris and I died laughing because when we looked back all we could see was this giant panda head bouncin to the music. I flashed a picture in the pitch dark and this is what he was doing! Haaaaa! I think he likes being a chubby panda!


Nora said...

that is SO cute of liam. i busted up laughing. awww. i'm so so so SO bummed we missed the partay. darn illnesses. and school. and samuel's retarded bedtime.
i'm glad you had a good time.

Elizabeth Moon said...

What a cute little Panda!!! I just want to squeeze him and then feed him noodles. Cute.
So Trish, too, huh? Poor thing. At least it doesn't last forever.