Thursday, October 30, 2008

Political Rallys and warm toes

Christopher went with a friend to Barack Obama's political rally in Norfolk the other night. He wasn't speaking until 9:30 PM so I knew Chris wouldn't be home until past midnight. So I set to work on some sewing projects I wanted to get done. Recently my parents were generous enough to purchase our family and awesome double jog stroller (thanks mom!). I have been trying to run every morning. It is quite the process getting the boys bundled up for the below 50 weather and all situated with their snacks, drinks and DVD player. I have felt bad though because even with layers and blankets their little hands are pretty cold by the time I am done. I decided the best remedy would be to make them those bean bags that you can put in the microwave and they stay warm for about an hour. I had several of these in high school and loved using them at 5:30 am when I went to swimming.
I rooted around for some material I liked in my stores and found that I have a lot of great fabric for girls but was lacking in the boy department. So this is what I ended up with. One side is retro print with little kids playing and the other side is the red with stars. Doesn't scream boy but hey I didn't have to buy anything new ;) which is a good thing when you decide to tackle a project at ten PM :)
My friend Jordan has also been running, although she is training for marathon in a few weeks! She had given me some amazing fabric her mom brought back from Africa. I had been wanting to make her something with them and thought this would be the perfect chance, then Fisch and Soph's little appendages could also stay warm! I had to put a picture up because when my mom was in Art college she made some amazing batiks and this reminded me a lot of them!