Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Guts in the face was never so fun

Last might for FHE we did what I am sure many families did and carved pumpkins! Before we got started though we did a little preparation and made these adorable lollipop cookies. I found the recipe on Martha Stewart.com.
They are just sugar cookies on a stick but it was still fun. Sam kept informing me that he was "cookin" while he "helped" mix and roll the dough in sprinkles.
(We are again trying the potty training thing hence no shirt :)) Once we got all set up we went to work on the pumpkins. Sam was not all that thrilled about the fact that we were pulling this gunky stuff out of the pumpkin. Gotta love this shot where I look like a crazed lunatic with a knife, but it is the only one with Sam looking at the camera.
Soon after the carving began he left to play with trains... not surprising really. Liam on the other hand had the time of his life... once we got him out of his highchair.
Look at that boredom! Chris pulled him onto his lap and Lemers went to town with the gunk.
Every time Chris would pull a handful out Liam would die laughing as he either threw it back in or threw it AT Chris. I have never in his short life heard him laugh like this. Chris and I were hysterical listening to it.
This went on for several minutes until Chris was completely covered in pumpkin gunk. (liam in full laugh mode)
We carved two faces and the last pumpkin I drilled lots of little holes all over the pumpkin and cut a hole in the bottom instead of the top.. When lit it looks pretty cool. The picture at the top is pretty sad but it was lashing rain so we couldn't put them outside. Chris and Liam and I had a blast! In the end Sam really loved the lit pumpkins and when we blew out the candles he got very upset and told us to turn it back on :) So we are now officially read at the Crawford abode for Halloween.


Kristin said...

How fun! We tried to attempt the same thing this last FHE, but not even 5 min into, we decided it was too much work. I know...we're so lame! I think we're going to give it another try tonight! Liam looks like he's getting so big...and cute too!!