Sunday, October 26, 2008

Old cars, Sororities and high school bands

That basically sums up the Homecoming parade we attended on Saturday. Luckily we were joined by the Adams' so Sam played with Fischer most of the time. They did enjoy the many high school bands
(aren't the trees gorgeous in Colonial Williamsburg right now!) and us adults got a kick out of the sometimes embarrassingly bad floats. This one covered women at William and Mary and these two guys looked positively exhausted from physically turning these women around on a swivel board contraption.
This fraternity was the Ye Olde Escort group-- nice.
One I didn't get a picture of unfortunatly literally looked like they had gone through the trash and put two big pieces of Styrofoam on the side of their truck- and that's it!A photographer followed Liam around for a good half hour snapping photos so we are excited to see if any show up in the school newspaper.
Sam was most excited when they threw out candy
... or rather one lady walked past and handed us some. Is it just me or have parades gotten progressively lamer? Thankfully the rain held out until we were ready to leave and at least the boys got to be entertained for an hour :)

This last picture is for my parents.... does it remind you of anything :) Man can I sympathize with that girl, wearing a box in a parade is never easy haaaaaa!