Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Witch's Night Out

Last night I held my first ever Witch's night out. My friend Terish was kind enough to have it at her lovely home as our little town house just isn't made for parties with more than four people :) She went all with her Holiday decorating which was really nice because I know she did it mainly due to the party! These are the dancing witch feet pumpkins I attempted to paint... a little uneven but oh well.

Leslie brought her cute little fog machine
Each person was asked to make their own witch's hat and wear it to the party and bring their favorite fall treat. This made it a VERY easy party to organize! The turn out was great and the hats were even better! Below is Katy, Stacey and Kelly.
We had lots of yummy things to eat and cider to drink. Terish made these awesome eyeballs our of doughnuts, a jelly lifesaver and chocolate chips! Yum!
Then we played Halloween charades where you had to act out who was getting killed, where they were murdered and how. Elizabeth was awesome and even in her cute preggy state did some couch jumping for her Tom Cruise! Of course everyone got it right away. Well the two teams tied so everyone got a prize of googly eyes. These things totally hurt!
We thought maybe it was because they were meant for kids but after Thomas tried them on and started crying we realized they should be worn by no one.
We played Ring toss around the witch's hat which Nora made and then voted for best hat! The three winners with their prizes:
Leslie won first place for her amazing hat that lit up! Hailey won second for her over the top sparkly cool hat
Nora placed third for her glam glam glam feathery boa hat. She also donned some wicked awesome fake eyelashes you can see in this super close up :)
I personally adored Elizabeth's yellow hat, very covetous. I also loved Sarah's hat! She is due tomorrow but was still a great sport and came!
Our relief society pres Sherry made a cool hat with a LONG train.
One of my favorite people ever Sarah Crookston made a feathery tower and the yummiest chili ever!
She was originally going for a kitchen witch but utensils are heavier then one would think . For party favors I made broom filled treat bags.
When I got home and looked at all the pictures I realized I did not have a single one of myself... so I took a few from my friend Elizabeth's blog. She has some other great ones of the party I snuck on here ;) I bought my base hat at walmart then added layers of feathers and a veil which I sewed a pom pom border around and little doo dads on... Liam was great and had picked about five off for me by the time the party rolled around. I also had a glittery spider dangling from a pipe cleaner out of the top.
I was so glad she snapped one of my nights because Sam LOVED them. When I was putting them on he said "momma zebra socks!" This morning he told me he wanted to wear his zebra socks... he settled for his Thomas ones!
All in all it was a fun night and hopefully it will happen again next year!