Thursday, October 2, 2008

T-R-O-U-B-L-E Spells Trouble!

Liam is a SMART little guy. It is so funny to see the differences between he and his brother. Not that Sam isn't brilliant-- he is, just as a baby he was so happy go lucky and sooooo content. He didn't ever really get into trouble because why leave the spot he was sitting-- it was great! Liam on the other hand is ALWAYS going. I swear her has got to walk miles everyday. He does things Sam never did... climbs chairs, stairs, stools dishwasher doors, plays in the toilet, eats toilet paper and runs away every time! He teases hi solder brother JUST as much as Sam teases him and man does he know how to work his mama already!So these are a few shots I got of his shenanigans.
He loves to steal my glasses. Since Sam already broke one leg off I don't mind so much :)
While I was cleaning up the toy room he pulled down the container that hols all our drawing paper and crayons and decided it would make a comfy bed...
once in he found it was not so comfy.
I don't know how many times a day I will walk in a room and say "oh, great..." because Liam has pulled down all the DVDs for the 80th time or poured over the blocks then walked away. Apparently it is a lot though because tonight while getting the boys ready for bed Liam was fighting and crawling away and Sam looked at Chris and I and said "oh great" It's a good thing I don't have a potty mouth apparently.
Chipping My Tooth
While playing with the boys today I tripped over Sam and went head first into the wall... it was seriously one of THOSE days. My front tooth totally chipped off into my mouth and I was bleeding a lot, and of course crying because as said I am a baby. Sam was so cute he kept asking me "whats wrong mama?" and patting my back then telling me it's alright. I said "mom tripped right over you bud" to which he began apologizing. He kept apologizing and giving me kisses through out the day and when Chris got home one of the first things he said was "I sorry". It was so cute yet so heart breaking how do you explain to a two year old that its not their fault their mom is a klutz. I kept telling him it was okay and I was all better... (minus half my tooth) I guess I'll fit in with our pumpkins :)


Jaci said...

My nephew that I live with does the dishwasher thing! It cracks me up! He loves "helping" his mom in the kitchen. I will try to get a picture. Your boys are so cute! Sorry to hear about the tooth.

LondonCalling said...

Can you fix your tooth? That is one of the recurring nightmares I have- I am walking down the street and my teth start chipping and falling out and I have to spit them all out into my hand! Is it really half a tooth? Mom'll freak.

Kristin said...

Ouch! That's gotta hurt! Too bad you don't live closer, I bet Wes could fix it up for you :) Cute pics of Liam!

Nora said...

oh NO!!! I'm so sorry to hear about your tooth. I'm paranoid about my teeth, too, just like "londoncalling" (is that Felicity?)
I hope you can get it fixed without too much hoopla. xoxo

Janet Crawford said...

Kelly, I hope your tooth is OK. I am loving your pictures and comments as usual. What adorable kids you have. Your art group looks wonderful and what a great turnout you had! You are such a great mother and wife. I am so impressed and pleased for Christopher. Jan