Sunday, August 17, 2008

Beach or Bust

We are vacationing in South Carolina with my family this weekend. We met them in Charlotte north Carolina. This was quite the drive. The boys were as good as can be expected but were starting to loose it. We had looked up online before hand and found an amazing train museum that we wanted to take Sam too. Unfortunately Sam and Liam were both asleep when we got to it. So we pushed on and found an amazing museum in Durham! Even better it was included in my season pass to the Virginia Living museum. It was the perfect little break form the long driving. The first room we wet into had a floor that when you walked across different squares they would make sounds depending on how fast you were moving. Chris and the boys had a blast running around them. Outside was a huge play area with a center with all different drums and chimes. Sam was going crazy! We walked further and saw bears, lemurs and wolves. Our visit was cut short though when the clouds opened up and torrential rains lashed. We were soaking wet by the time we got back to the museum. Liam thought it was hilarious that Chris was running in the rain with him in the front pack. When we reached our wonderful hotel the boys went crazy running around the room and jumping on the huge beds. I think they couldn't be happier about getting out of the car!

The next day we started our drive to SC. We stopped along the way at a beautiful revolutionary war site-- because our family NEVER gets to see anything colonial :) The house was gorgeous and Sam had fun playing Pookie Pookie (he finds a stick and proceeds to poke you while saying pookie pookie.) It was another much needed break!