Friday, August 8, 2008

We're going to the zoo zoo zoo U can come 2 2 2!

The next day Cherylyn met me at the DC zoo! It was a perfect day. The boys were WELL behaved, the temp was 85 with a cool breeze, the zoo was free and I found celestial parking by the front gates!

Sam and Clark had blast running around, climbing in and out of the strollers, switching strollers, making animal sounds and chowing down on Clarks Fritos (I had forgotten how tasty those were!)

Andrew and Liam were wonderful babies and the trip really was blissful--- oh except for the 90 degree hill the zoo is built on. Seriously my calf's are going to be crying for a week after pushing the double up and down that place! Thank you Cherylyn for making this such a fun trip!