Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Yummy in My Tummy

(A picture of Sam going to bed tonight, just to cute not to post!)

Saturday Chris and I once again attended the farmers market. I finally got a picture of the dog I LOVE. He is there every sat. with his little sign hanging around his neck.

We purchased some DELICIOUS blueberries. Which is really saying something because I am generally not a fan. (sam looking drunk on blueberries)

We had a yummy lunch at the cheese shop and then I scarfed down a few "samples" of the Red White and Blueberry salad they were teaching the market attendees how to make.

On the way home I think Liam was a little hoped up from all the fruit because he was FREAKING out laughing in the car. This pic is a little blurry because he was literally going nuts!

I am really excited for it to start cooling off so being out side will be more bearable, I am already getting excited for fall, "bouquets of sharped pencils" and all!