Friday, August 8, 2008

Eww Gwooss

One of my fav places to eat is Panera. I like to go there because I don;t feel like I swallowed a brick after I leave. Sam also downs their chicken noddle soup and Liam is getting to the point where we are going to have to order him his own also! The last time we went we got Sam a water cup and filled in with water and 1/8 caffeine free diet coke, enough to tint. He proceeded to dunk his bread in it then pour some of his soup in it and drink it! Yeah totally gross. we thought it was a fluke but today when we stopped to eat and break up the drive once again he dunked the bread poured the soup and drank it. And what did the parents of this silly child do? We didn't stop him, no no we busted out the camera to document it!

Mixing up a delicious drink

Chuggin' it down

Hmmm I think I like that

Yup! I love it!