Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Pink Cowboy Hat

Sam's imagination has been going WILD lately, and Christopher and I are having a blast watching it. His newest fixation is with Pirates, Cowboys and Airplane pilots. Where did you get these you ask? Of course from backyardigans. We bought him a 'Yardigans (as he calls it) DVD for the trip to SC. The first story is about delivering singing telegrams. Uniqua (the pink one who has by FAR the best voice-- I know I am so lame) flies around in this cool old pink plane delivering singing telegrams (think twenty's music). She delivers them to a pirate, a maharajah and the abombidable snowman. Sam's favorite part is the pirate of course! Well, a few weeks ago we had a primary activity for Pioneer day. I purchased a pink cowboy hat at the dollar section of our target. When I was done for the day I tossed it in Sam's dress up bin thinking nothing of it. He hadn't paid much attention to it until a few days ago when he watched a cowboy backyardigans. He then scooped it up and started yelling yippie kay yah! Partner! This hat has now become a part of Sam. He takes it most every where... including the bath!

When he wants to be a pirate (which is OFTEN) he simply turns the hat sideways and it is a pirate hat. He then talks with a scruffy voice and snarls at Liam a lot. He mainly spends his time jumping around yelling "Pirate says Arrrr!" Over and over. Chris and I were dying last night laughing as he proceeded to do this for at least 15 mins. When he wants to be a pilot he wears it normal but adds my glasses to be used as goggles.

Unfortunately tonight they met with a sticky end when he broke one of the legs off. It is so fun that he is getting into the imagination stage. Needless to say I have already started thinking of costumes I will be sewing for him! Chris however has strongly requested I return to Target and purchase a normal brown cowboy hat... silly daddy!


Kristin said...

What a cute boy...and I think the pink hat's a keeper! That's too funny 'cause we actually watched that episode this smoring, and I can't get it out of my head...just smile:)