Friday, August 29, 2008

Rockin Wednesdays

On Wednesday nights in Merchant Square at CW they have live music! It is always a delight to go and grab an ice cream and enjoy the show. As a little kid I always wanted to get one of those crazy ice cream cones that looked like clowns so when Sam picked one out I couldn't say no. Liam polished of the remains of both Christopher's and my ice creams!

The boys LOVE to dance! The last time we went it was an army band that was playing mostly Beatles music, a personal fav of mine. I had thrown Jude out there as a name for both our boys... Chris was not won over. we usually take a stroll through CW after the boys get antsy and retirees start giving us the "control your kids" looks. It never seems to fail that Sam makes a friend on these walks. This night in particular he had one of his trains with him and instantly had two friends to help him fill up his tender with crushed shells. It will be hard to leave Williamsburg and all the fabulous free entertainment it provides!


Kristin said...

I'll be sand when you leave CW too :) So, funny story. Last night when Wes was talking to Chris, they were aparently talking about Chris having his last day in the guard, but I didn't hear that side of the conversation. All I heard was, "Congrats...that's so Kelly really excited?" Yea...I totally thought you we're pregnant...ha!

Janet Crawford said...

Love the pix and commentary as usual. What fun your little family is having. I miss CW too. The pink cowboy hat is just too funny.