Wednesday, August 6, 2008

My Sad Sad attempt at being healty

My good friend Terish is a dietitian and she has been gracious enough to sit down with me and plan out really healthy meal plans so that Chris and I can get back on track and make the major life change to healthy eating. Armed with my binder full of scrumptious healthy meals I was determined to lead the charge. Dinners and breakfast are easy, Terish loaded me up with meals and side dish's etc. The only probably I have encountered is lunch. I don't want to make a full meal but I feel like all the quick stuff is cheating. Today the boys really cooperated with my plans. At ten o'clock Sam came to me as I was putting Laim down with his blanky and teddy bear and said "sammy go night night." I played along and got him his milk and low and behold they both slept for two hours!!! With so much time on my hands I figured I had no excuse for not making a yummy lunch. I read in a magazine about a women making her kids little bread boards. I followed this slightly and made both boys a colorful tray with a variety of things they could snack on, including this cool whole wheat mac n cheese I found in the health food section.

(Yes Liam eats all the things in the picture and yes I know he is only 10 months) Liam scarfed everything down while Sam mainly ate the sweet items. So it wasn't a smashing success but I guess at least it is a start.
Best Friends:
I really think Liam and Sam are going to be best friends. Since Liam started walking their relationship has gone to an all new level! I didn't think they could be any cuter together but they sure are. Today Liam would chase after Sam with Sam yelling "bro bro come get me!" The two of them made their way up the stairs and then Sam slammed their bedroom door shut on me! I thought this wasn't supposed to happen until they were teenagers. I let them have their peace until I heard Liam laughing hysterically. Sam had crawled in his crib and was bouncing up a storm. So cute! This is a video of Sam crawling away from Liam and Liam chasing him until he saw me and got side tracked!


Janet Crawford said...

Very cute as usual Kelly. You are doing such a great job raising those 3 boys. I can't believe Liam is walking (I guess I have to since I've actually seen it). I keep thinking they can't get any cuter and then they do! I sure miss you guys. The cheese shop for lunch -- I want to go.! Jan