Monday, August 11, 2008

My Newest Project

So I have been wanting to make a Mei Tai forever and I finally found a pattern I like. My Bjorn has seen better days (thanks to my repeated washing :)) So I thought I would try this out. I am going to see how entailed they are and maybe offer them at Peek... what do you think?


Alicia said...

I love it! I always wished my bjorn would have come in better colors than blue and black! I would totally buy this from you. Can't wait to see the finished product. Good Luck!

Robyn Reynolds said...

I think it is way cute! I say if anyone can do it it's you.

Mud and Music said...

Hey Kelly.
I love my Mai tai much more than the bjorn. I found the pattern for this one and have made 5 of them for friends and family. It is very simple and the wide straps make it very comfy. If you are interested in the pattern let me know.