Friday, August 8, 2008

Two different worlds, we live in two different worlds (think of a bear singing to an octopus!)

For those of you who don't know, Christopher spent 18 months active duty with the military in Iraq. It was a LONG separation. While he was there for the majority of the time I was working at the National Journal in DC. As I mentioned this weekend we stayed with my friend Kerstin. She and Christa were my two roomies while Chris was gone.

Today I pondered on all the wonderfully hilarious memories I have with these two girls and thought "Should I feel bad that I have such good memories while at the same time was so heart sick for my hubby?" That time was an oxymoron of sorts for me. I cried a lot because of missing and worrying about Chris but I also laughed ALOT thanks to these girls and this wonderful city. It is funny I have talked several times to people about how I did not want Chris to apply to a big city, that I am not a city girl. Most people were shocked by this and I always wondered why. Today as I drove into DC the same route I always took to work I figured out why: I AM a city girl! I have just been living in denial. I almost cried as I drove past the monuments I had grown to love so much! I kept pointing to Sam eagerly and naming them, he responded by asking to go home-- lovely. *yes this was taken while driving on memorial bridge!!! Some one ought to take away my license.

Another revelation hit as I was driving back from the zoo. The boys had both zonked before I could start the car and as I drove past my old stomping grounds and past my old townhouse I thought how bizarre it is that here I am three years later cruising in a mini van with two kids passed out in the back!

I thought about how back then I would be cruising in the sweet landrover, headed to the mall to spend some of the expendable income we were generating.( How long has it been since we have seen any of that! Haaa!) I guess what I am saying is although my Husband was at war, I am glad that I had the experiences that I did while he was gone and was able to spend it with the people I did. It prepared me so much for this time of my life, and made it so that I never wondered what it would be like to be "on my own" with a cool job in a big city. I know what it is like and that makes me love being Mama all the more! *this was taken while driving on 17th street! Seriously take away the license!


Alicia said...

Oh Kelly! - a couple of things. First, I see no mention of Julie S. - - why is that? Wasn't she a roomie too? he he

Second, I would love to go back and save all that expendable income that we had too! Seriously - how did I spend it all?

Third, you're amazing! Picture snapping while driving - WOW.

christa lee* said...

awww! I sure miss those days. I LOVED living with you and Kerstin. you two were the best roomies I ever had. and what an amazing place we got to be at the same time! I really miss it. love you!