Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Oh... its going to be one of those days

From almost stitches, exploding milk gallons, 800 dollar car repairs and locked bedroom doors it has been a LONG week-- and it is only Tuesday afternoon! I think I should go back to bed and start the week over. This week is one of those weeks when I am apparently supposed to be learning more patience, and to be totally honest at this point I am failing miserably. Add into that the fact that my wonderful support system (Chris) is gone and wow I am pretty exhausted :) Luckily in this dismal swamp that is this week there has been one bright and shinning beacon. My parents have once again spoiled Christopher and I with an early graduation present-- a Scooter! Haaaa! I am sooooo excited. My dad is buying Christopher the Vintage scooter in white as seen here:

My family has it in pink, oddly enough Chris wanted black but I talked him into white... I like the black accents :) It goes 80 miles on one gallon and has a two gallon tank! Whoo hoo no more driving to and from school! Plus I get the added benefit of driving it when I don't have the boys, little trips to the fabric store, girls night out-- that sort of thing. Thank you mom and dad for looking out for us and for the early graduation present. You have no idea how much we appreciate it! Watch out Williamsburg the Crawford's are scootorized (Thank heaven the speed limit everywhere here is 25!)

P.S Nate you are not allowed drive our scooter without going to scooter school :) Although you did provide me with one of my favorite memories involving our two favorite families, the Garners and the Tillmanns!


Tillmann Fam said...

Okay, so Wes is going to be so jealous!! You've gotta love parents...maybe I should start hinting to mine that graduation is just around the corner:) I totally love the crack shot of Liam, it's a classic!

You know that super cute bag you made and posted about awhile back. Well, if you're not too busy with all your other ventures, I will totally pay you if you make me one! I absolutely love it!!

Anonymous said...

So awesome! Scooters are the best! My parents have a few in St. George and I loved riding mine to college. Dixie actually had scooter parking. You need to work on enforcing that where you live!